Choose Wall Painting Colors Ideas for Your Walls Made Easy

Paint is any liquid, liquefiable, or mastic composition that, after application to a substrate in a thin layer, converts to a solid film. It is most commonly used to shield, color, or provide texture to objects. Wall painting ideas can be made or purchased in many colors and in many different types, such as watercolor, artificial, etc.

interior wall painting ideas

Painting wall colors ideas are one of the simplest and least expensive ways to transform the look of a room and add value to your home.

Easy Wall Painting Ideas

Elegance Orange Living Room Style Wall Paint Colors Design Living Within The Most Brilliant Paint Colors For Living Rooms With Dark Furniture For Invigorate - DVRCOLLEGE.COM
Elegance Orange Living Room Style Wall Paint Colors Design Living Within The Most Brilliant Paint Colors For Living Rooms With Dark Furniture For Invigorate – DVRCOLLEGE.COM

Firstly think about what you want the room to be than spending some time in thinking about the mood you’d like to set in the room you are going to decorate. Bedrooms are typically a place of quiet and peace, so you may want to consider a calming color. Interior wall painting ideas for Children’s bedrooms are often a place where bright color greets and you have a little more room to go bold.

easy wall painting ideas

There are essentially three types of color schemes: cool, muted and warm.

  • Warm Colors

    Designs Decor furniture Bedroom Creative Colorfull and tidy Interior by KIBUC - Orange Colour Photos


Red, orange, yellow, and combinations thereof, all of which are bright shades that are perfect for the wall.

  • Cool Colors

easy wall painting ideas

Green, purple and blue are cool colors and can make a small room seem much larger size.

  • Muted colors

decorative wall painting ideas


Are usually the most popular colors for painting the walls and make the room appear larger.

Choosing Decorative Wall Painting Colors Ideas

Keep in mind the cabinets, tile or a brick fireplace of a room

Here are some easy wall painting ideas which help you in selecting wall paint colors for your rooms

  • Create a Focal Point
  • Unify the Color Flow

You can unify rooms by using a common color palette.

  • Emphasize or Minimize

Color can emphasize certain features and minimize others. A long narrow room will look wider if you use a slightly darker color on the shorter walls and a lighter color on the longer walls.

  • Reflect on Light Sources

    interior wall painting ideas

Remember that the color you choose may look different at various times of the day and night you should assess the overall lighting in the room, the size of the room and your own personal color preferences before choosing  decorative wall painting ideas for colors.

 There are different types of wall paint colors like

  • Colors for the dining room
  • Colors for the Living Room
  • Colors for the Kitchen
  • Colors for the Bathroom
  • Colors for the Bedroom

(Painting your wall painting ideas for bedrooms in patterns with different colors will also add the uniqueness of your room)

A quantity of shades translates perfectly to walls. Some, though beautiful, are better saved for fabrics or rugs. Here are some shades of popular, tried and true interior wall painting ideas.

easy wall painting ideas

Red, Yellow, Brown, Greige, Beige, Lavender, pink, grey, white, Blue, Green. wall paint colors.

Painting wall ideas Combination of Colors

  • Spring Green and Bright Blue
  • Green is actually a color use it as neutral as it integrates so well with other colors,”
  • Navy and Red
  • Gray & Mahogany
  • Green & Brown
  • Aubergine & Gray-Green
  • Red with Blue Accents
  • Gray & Mahogany


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