All You Need To Know About Wall Paint Application

Wall Paint Application

Paint is a liquid substance, after a thin layer of application it transforms in to solid form. Paint is known as a beautifying element which is used by the artists world wide to make Earth better place to live. Paints can be made and formed in many different colors. There are many types of paints that exist for our convenience.

Wall paint application

This is one of the major roles played by paints after canvas application. Paint can be applied in liquid, gaseous or in solid formation. As a solid formation paint is baked on high temperatures and then applied to the surface in the form of the powder. In gaseous state the paint is in a form of spray which is directly applied to the surface.

Facts of painting in Gaseous form.

  • When painted in a gaseous form the paint is applied directly to the surface without the use of any medium.
  • Paint is uniform and smooth
  • No sharp lines are included, makes the surface clear.
  • Makes it possible to paint even the smallest  areas using the spraying nozzle.
  • Long lasting, semi permanent.
  • Used in most of the automobile companies.

Facts of applying Paint in a liquid form.

  • Use of brushes  is involved, which makes painting the crucial areas easier.
  • It can be applied using your hands, rollers or paint brushes.
  • Roller paint requires the at least two coats for even color.
  • Water based paints are easy to clean up.

Wall Paint Application Do’s and Don’ts

Things you will need:

  • Sponge
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Tape
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Roller
  • Tray
  • Angled Paint Brush
  • Ladder

Steps to Apply Paint on Walls

  1. You Must Clean The Walls

Using the sponge and the dish washing liquid with little amount of water clean all the dirt and any grease found on the wall. Since before wall paint application the walls must be neat and clean, this way the paint will last longer as well as the paint will have smooth finish.

2. Cover Areas With Tape

Use the trim tape and newspapers if necessary to cover all the areas which are not to be  painted especially the doors, wooden shelves and photo frames .

3. Primer in to the Tray

Pour the primer in to the tray covering the whole surface area. Covering the surface area of the tray is important since the roller is supposed to be covered fully in the primer.

4. Apply the Primer to the Walls

Dip the roller in to the primer, making sure that the roller is fully covered in to the primer. Once done than apply it on the required area of the walls. Make sure to cover all the wall with the primer. If needed double apply the primer on the walls because it is an important step. Before the next step make sure that the wall is dry.

5. Wall Paint Application

Once done with the primer and the wall is dried. Use the angled paint brush and dip it in the paint 1/3 and start painting the wall in vertical direction. Make sure the paint is in same direction to avoid the s

harp lines on the wall. Lines make the paint look untidy and incomplete. Repeat until all the wall is painted and no more spaces are left.

6. Remove the Trim Tape

Make sure the paint is still wet when you remove the tapes because after the paint has dried it can fall off in solid form which would not look good after the finished look.

Wall Paint Color App

For the customer convenience the paint marketing companies have now invented a tool for the ease of selection of paints. Before the App developing, customers used to worry about the final look of their home once it was painted, this demotivated them to buy paint of the same company.

The companies have now decided to satisfy the customers by giving them glimpse of the final look of their room.So before you decide the color to paint your room make sure you preview the final look of the room.

Wall Paint Application Techniques

Everyone can paint their room walls, but sometimes that simple paint is not enough. You might want to add a little home depot look to your walls and that would happen only if you work a bit more on the walls than you did before.

Painting walls have zero level of difficulty and once you know how to paint simple walls than it would be good to hear that you can paint the rest of the walls with an increased level of difficulty but an artistic finishing.


If you have a doubt on the free hand sketching and you still want to paint the wall like a pro, there is one option to do this in an easy way. Using stencils could make the work much  more easier, stenciling makes sure that the lines are placed on the right angles and curves.
Using stencils can make sure that there is no mess on the walls and you do not have to worry about anything else either.


2. Harlequin

This is one of the most easiest yet the elegant way for wall paint application. You could use the diamond painting technique in your baby’s room. The simple way to do this is to apply the trim tape to the wall in diagonal shapes and then paint in the middle of the diamonds creating an disillusioning affect.

3. Checker Board

Level of difficulty higher than the harlequin method but it can be done nicely if practiced on a big piece of wood instead. One of the way to do this is to apply the trim tape in square shapes and trace the tape with vibrant colors. Once done, remove the tapes and add the required paint on the walls and fill in the checkers.

4. Metallic Wall Paint Application

To add a more funky look to your bedroom you need to try this. Especially if you have a thing for the gloss effect, you must try this paint. Adding metallic paint to the room would give the room a more dramatic look in addition to the low cost paint.

5. Stripes

Either vertical way or the horizontal stripes add a little squeaky look to your child’s bedroom. If you have tried doing the harlequin wall paint application, this one might be easier for you. All you need is a trim tape to cover the areas horizontally or vertically and then paint the rest of the area with lighter color to give dramatic look to your room.

6. Polka Dots

Who does not like the polka dots on their clothes? Well then definitely you would love your room with the polka dots wall paint application. The easiest way to adopt polka dots paint in your room is to use stencils for creating the dots. Use black and white for the intense look.


7. Graphic Paint

The use of graphic paint is very famous now a days, you can add the fun to the room using a simple sponge. But the matter of fact is that the pattern created must be equal or else it would not look good at all.

Smart Wall Paint Application

Things You Will Need:

  • Sanding block
  • Paint rolling tray
  • Disposable gloves 
  • Roller handle and sleeve
  • You should order some primer too.

Extra tools you’ll need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Painters masking tape (use low tack masking tape so it doesn’t damage your wall).
  • Dust brush
  • Drop/paint sheets
  • Spirit Level


orange wall paint

First measure the area you want to draw and mark it with a pencil. Each corner will have a mark.
Use horizontal lines to draw four straight lines to create a square or rectangle.
Carefully apply the tape evenly to the outside of the pencil mark.

Now that you will have the outline of your whiteboard, the next step in the list is to start grinding the walls within the masked area. All you need to do is make sure it is good and smooth.Dust is removed from the wall with dust before applying a primer to the drum.

Make sure that some of the masking tape is tightly wrapped around the drum and then pull the tape out. This can remove any loose hair from the primer.

Once the primer is dry, start using Smart Wall Paint. The instructions in this box will explain how to mix or go to the Smart Wall Paint application guide.When you apply Smart Wall Paint to a portion of the wall as instructed, return to the original and use the rollers instead of immersing them in more paint, rolling the wall from top to bottom, starting from the top tape, rolling down the belt.

The From left to right continue rolling all the paint you have applied.

This is called to give up, the reason we do this is to finish looks good and united. If you are just rolling in any old way, then when the paint is dry, you will be able to see the start mark and the drum moving in different directions.

Once Smart Wall Paint is dry, please carefully remove the tape and expose the shiny new whiteboard surface! Need a few days to properly cure, so do not write!

Different Uses of Left Over Paint

After the wall paint application you might have had thought not to waste the remaining paint. If yes than this is the right time to re use the paint.

Make kitchen items more kinky

Paint your containers, pots and the mixing spoons with the leftover paint. This would make your kitchen more funky and beautiful.

Color the Flowerpots

You can use the versatile bright colors to color the flower pots at your home, this would add more quirky look to your lush green garden. Green garden would look bomb with the bright color pots.

Recreate Furniture

If you thought to sell your old furniture and spent thousands of dollars on new one then this might be the right time to color the junk furniture and bring it back in your room. Coloring kids bed set along with the wooden shelf would be much more economical and easy rather than buying a new one.

Paint the Doors

If you think that your doors are outdated and worn out, why not color them and add the sense of motivation to yourself, and your guests?

Become an Artist

You can bring out the artist in yourself by using the colors on the canvas.


You can use all of the wall paint application techniques and try to paint your room yourself. The best part about self painting is that it costs no more than $$ on Paint. Otherwise, no cost of labor. You can create new ideas with versatile range of paint available.

Create new colors with mix and match paints. Also take help of your family which definitely  increase the love bond. Make sure you do not spill over the carpets and the furniture, specially if it is the first time you are doing it. Take advice from YOU TUBE tutorials if you need.

Unless otherwise contact an expert from local paint shop if you think the task is too difficult. Moreover, painting can be fun, to do with children and the family overall.

Feed Back And Comments

We write for you, and expect a little from you as well, please take sometime and give your feed backs on this article about wall paint application. Thank-you!


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