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Paintball is an activity urbanized in the 1980s that get rid of the adversary by filling balls with dyes, fragile, oil and gelatin paintballs or carbon or dense air (“balls”), which grasp usual fair proceedings, pre arranged Games, counting major games, expert teams, and players.The military, law enforcement agencies, military and security agencies also use the paintball guns technology to supplement military training, play the role of anti-riot reaction, the dangerous suspects non-fatal repression.

The game can play different sizes of indoor or outdoor venues. The playground is scattered with the natural or man-made terrain, and the player is used for tactical coverage. Paintballs have different types of games but can include capturing flags, eliminating ammunition restrictions, defending or attacking specific points or areas, or capturing hidden objects hidden in the game area. According to the game changes, the game can last for several seconds to several hours, even at the scene a few days.
paintball guns

Paintball Guns:

Paintballs are also known as paintball guns and are the main equipment in the paintball movement. The marker uses an expansion gas, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or compressed air, to push the paintball through the barrel. The term “mark” is derived from its original use, as a means of marking the trees and ranchers as a means of marking the wandering cattle.

Paintball shooting gun muzzle speed of about 90 m / s (300 ft/sec). While larger muzzle speed is possible, it is not safe to use on most commercial paintball guns courts. When the paintball hit the object at high speed, it may cause injury; the paintball colliding with the human skin may cause bruising or further tissue damage. However, this damage depends on the speed of the paintball, which affects the angle and which part of the body. Due to the possibility of soft tissue damage, the player must wear a mask to protect the eyes, mouth, and ears to prevent the barrel from blocking the device is not in place.

 Best Paintball Guns 2017:

Keep in mind that most elegant paintballs are unnecessary, and everyone is the best that you have to explain your talent level and style of music. The speed player usually chooses a quick fire pattern with a mechanical switcher and a quick trigger e-trigger, and the cricket performer may be likely to be a strategic or imitation style paintball guns. But the next one is to let us look at our top 10 now. We also include our choice, which seems to be reliable to support the bat for the best paintball pistol. Remember to play safely, inclusive!

Tippmann Cronus:

Quot; is very tactical about this, known for its accuracy. There is a tracking system for determining different types of red spots, lights or handles, and Kronos will not let you down! Has a very affordable price range and excellent overall durability, which is a beginner or intermediate player to seek good quality characters of the best quality.

Perfect: Beginner – Intermediate Player who wants a complete paintball to relieve a good price/value ratio.

Tippmann A5:

  • Tippmann A5 like elder brother 98 steroid custom, With a lot of sensible body kit assortment, you can make your A5 looks like a threat to AK-47, a tactical HK 417, Spec ops MP5-SD or any of your favorite paintball guns.
  • With a variety of inventory, bucket, magazines, handles, and barrels available, the combination is almost endless.
  • The gun itself has a fire selector on the handle for safe and single gun mode, which can easily start 15 paint balls per second.
  • You can also replace electronic triggers that support automatic and single-ignition mode upgrades. Another sweet feature is the infamous A5 screwdriver, which is compatible with a variety of other color guns, making it easy to replace.
  • A5 is equipped with an awesome loader, out of the box, cyclone loading system, very suitable for smooth loading guns, to avoid chopping. All this makes Tippmann A5 a very versatile mid-range package for any serious player.

    Dye Proto Rail MaXXed:

  • While the majority of the entry-level group of players may be at the senior end of the cost scale, it is a good option for those who want to improve to high-end guns but are not yet broken.
  • Dye made a number of the most excellent paintball gear, focusing on high excellence manufacture.
  • The 14-inch direct gun can fire 15 balls per next, rarely painted paint. Everything concerning the color of the paintball is loud.
  • Proto Rail Maxxed is equipped with e-trigger out of the box, which income you can employ the electronic route for the driver’s spreader power supply, in a few games to save Plenty of air.
  • It also means reducing recoil, quieter guns and overall and more stringent accuracy.
  • Due to the compact design, this is a relatively light mark, everything is well designed, just like the brand name you want. “Sticky” is a good adding up, even if you be dressed in tactical wolves or bare hands, the textile adds more grip and comfort. For those who have a higher budget, this is a good choice.

    Spyder MR100:

  • Alike to the plan of Tippmann Cronus, the Spyder MR100 moves longer barrels and is prepared with the rocky store to get better accuracy.
  • All the black design looks huge, the whole paintball guns markings are complete of high-quality materials, can be random.
  • The default double-click trigger makes it very versatile, whether it is speed or cricket, due to longer barrels, providing a decent range.

    Tippmann US Army Project Salvo:

  • This mark is great for those who want to be realistic and play the simulation game.
  • This thing looks very bad, always get other players praise Tippmann Project Salvo is definitely one of the coolest paintball guns we have, and our favorite game for forest and indoor heavy ball games.
  • You can find salvo that contains red dots, foldable stock and pre-grip salvage, which makes it very suitable for any game type you are playing.
  • Combining a fantastic whirlwind feeding system, you will have a good field of paintball control.
  • These accessories give it some extra weight, which may be a good or bad thing, depending on your preferences, but it adds our favorite analog elements. As the barrel length is longer, the accuracy is quite good.
  • Closely like a high-end or royal mark, very accurate non-championship. If you are looking for a good shot that can kick some ass, then Tippmann Project Salvo is a good choice.

    Tippmann Alpha Black Elite:

  • Empire is an extra high-end color printing product, the prologue of exceptional gear.
  • Empire mini real name, it is one of the negligible paintball artillery on the market.
  • It makes manage easy. The electronic trigger system makes it quiet and can be triggered as soon as possible.
  • 2 Use a force gauge to intend at ease air connector to quickly check the remaining air in the tank.
  • It is a good entry-level tournament paintball, offering smaller size, faster firepower and overall accuracy, very close to indoor games.

    Tippmann X7 Phenom:

  • Is it a word over it? Who knows, but it certainly sums up the top paintball label. Like A5, X7 Phenom is crazy custom, in the analog game type is very common.
  • Tactical visual upgrade looks good, sitting on a lightweight frame, equipped with a mechanical single lens, but you can upgrade to fully automatic, 3 round and single sheet mode of electronic grip.
  • Another cool electronic grip function: If the battery dies in the game, you can still switch to a single gun driven by the propeller, allowing you to fight in the battle. Switching the gun to safe mode also turns off the internal circuitry to conserve battery power.
  • This gun is fatal in the distance, for a single player is very accurate, light body with a compact body kit, making it close to the stadium/scene of the venue. Although the price point is significantly higher than the standard 98 habits, in the hearts of many advanced players is a good place, but also the market one of the best Tippmann paintball gun.

    Empire Axe:

  • If you are making a rigorous paintball game, then you have the opportunity to see the popular royal axe. This is a high-end paintball mark that can quickly unload paint. With a single, tilted and fully automatic range of shooting, you can easily put down the fire
  • Empire Axe by brand setting high-quality bar and advanced player looking for a great solid paintball gun with a crazy good electronic trigger system that can adjust any game type from speed ball to outdoor game, which is the high budget player.
  • It is not surprising that this paintball is on the list of many players’ desires. It’s not surprising that Ax’s visibility, accuracy, and many post-market upgrades are well taken into account which should be high according to the axe limited

    Empire Mini:

  • It is another high-end color printing brand, the introduction of excellent equipment. Empire mini real name, it is one of the smallest paintball guns on the market. It makes it easy to control. The electronic trigger system makes it quiet and can be triggered as soon as possible.
  • 2 Handle design comfortable, air connector with a pressure gauge, you can quickly check the remaining air in the tank. It is a good entry-level tournament paintball and offers smaller size, fast firepower and overall accuracy, very close to indoor games.

Best Speedball Gun:

  • First, what’s your financial plan? The paintball is luxurious and it is comprehensible that most communities do not want to use all the money on the gun and not anything left with paint or gear. Carefully decide how much you are eager to use and find the guns that fit. In adding, the buy of used or old replicas does not prohibit because the rise in model age has reduced gun prices sharply.
  • Next, what type of paintball do you play? You are a “rec baller” who goes out to their rear yard and plays with friends, perhaps everytime you go to a field? Or are you an aspiring contest player who totally stress the best of their guns, who play and do weekly? This choice is as significant as the price since you do not desire to wedge in a long, fairly noticeable speedball meadow where you do not want your $ 1,400 trophy in the mire.
  • Finally, what guns are right for you? It has two parts: look and feel. It may not hear the gun. Many players do not care, but the point should make you happy. When you look at it, you’ll have to smile otherwise it will be in the dusty closet. Well, it must feel your hands. Different people have different tastes, whether it’s length, width, faster size and so on. This means it’s important to take out the gun you plan to buy beforehand so you know if it suits you.

Empire Vanquish Paintball gun:

  • Empire vanity is a symbol of power. Unparalleled performance and key intentions make every need for elite paintball players. Vanquish uses an adaptive balancing valve engine that has been modified to reduce the first drop and improve efficiency. Empire is the pinnacle of advanced technology, ultra-precision power sensor has been restored to provide input force reading.
  • The very large OLED screen and 5-way joystick orientation adjustment feature provides users with a super-intuitive user interface for a wide selection of any player settings.
  • Innovative intent allows you to use the button safety exclusion system to keep the entire mark, and only one single hexadecimal impact is required for each rotation.
  • Pivot-type body without fault removal and easy access to the circuit board and USB interface.
  • Customizing the Empire software allows you to change settings via USB cable and computer and design your own regular thigh boot screen.
  • Universal mirror super smooth, ultra-quiet ultra-high precision carbon fiber super monster bucket.
  • The territory has created a new standard for the paintball guns, in your hands of Vasus, you will beat any one of the contestants.

    Dye Proto Rail Paintball Guns:

  • Precision Proto Rail is a solid normal for cut down and players of the mid-level color ball. While those who contribute in high-level sports may not be content with the mark, persons who are casual or novice will love.
  • Precision Dye is famous for selling high-end standards, while the price of the proto rail at about $ 250, will not go bankrupt.
  • Dye Precision in fact shaped Proto as a paint gun sales department with a new name for a more “market” style player with a more extensive market. The rail model is affordable, but quality and technology are not overly injured. This is a strong sign in almost every aspect.

    Its Look and Feel:

  • Prototype railways are a little more than the popular Etik markings. However, they are larger than other guns on the market, making them medium size. Proto Rail uses aluminum-aluminum solid super comfortable frame.
  • This flat label has a wide range of features, including the prevention of debris and dirt accumulation in the eye tube system, adjustable plywood, and to prevent ball rupture, original barrels and 11-inch LED circuit board laser lumens.
  • Model Rail is a beautiful anodized gun that sells in elegant cardboard once you see it will lift your hope. This is one of the most attractive colors on the market today, thanks to its sharp lines, radial curves and normal luster. In the price range of the proto rail, it is difficult to find a more beautiful sign.
  • Players like to shoot things to make things more attractive. The logo has a variety of colors, including black, blue, transparent, olive, orange, red, lime, purple and tan.

    How Does It Shoot:

  • Like all dyes and guns, Proto Rail features Hyper 3 regulators.
  • This feature is the best performance catalyst when comparing guns within a similar price range.
  • It provides decent air efficiency at 155 psi.
  • This 68-caliber Otoker electric aerobics logo shoots 15-18 bps with reliable accuracy.
  •  Players have expressed appreciation for enough space for finger spray.
  • Players can even adjust the length of the original rail aluminum trigger as needed.

    Bad Points:

  • Unfortunately, many players describe the typical rail as “natural gas pig”, so you may choose to use a tank which is more skillful than the mark you used in the past.
  • However, the rail model on the fire to create a very little rebound, really feel your arm and the real extension hand.
  • Many paintball players commented that the model orbit was similar to the old one that was first used in the competition. This phrase is not interpreted as a cover for the lock.
  • In fact this is a compliment because many basic color gamers are still using these guns and competing with them. It is worth mentioning that Proto Rail can be used in the game due to its standard bisp.
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