Two Tone Wall Paint; Ideas and Pictures

Home compromise starts with colors. You can add a sense of drama, style, and depth to any room in your house by learning to two tone wall paint. Your children’s room can become instantly fun and colorful with bright paints, the sitting room can turn into an elegant area with subtle hues, and your own bedroom can look bigger with the right application of two colors.

Two tone wall paint

As simple as it sounds, color is actually a very difficult tool to work with, especially when walls are involved. If we’re being honest or more accurately, a lot can go wrong when attempting to use color in your home, even with the best of intentions.

Two tone wall paint ideas

It is common to paint a room only one color; however, it can be tasteful to use two tone wall paint for a unique appearance. Two tone wall paint ideas are inspired by horizontal molding, meaning that you could even do them yourself. Here are some tips on how to paint a two tone wall.

  1. A wise choice of color

The most important thing in two-tone wall paint is to choose complementary colors that go well together. Always choose a neutral couple and enrich the looks with playful curtains, bold pillows, or other interesting accents.

You can also make brave contrasts (one neutral and one bold color), and even choose two completely opposite colors from the color wheel. The bold parings look very sophisticated and very common in children’s bedrooms full of bright accessories.

  1. Create an Accent Wall

To create a nice focal point paint an accent wall by a color that contrast or coordinates with the main room color. Make sure the wall you choose to paint differently is one you want to be accented

  1. Paint in Parallel

Paint the alternate surfaces of a room with same color. This would mean that in a standard four wall room the opposite walls are of same color and adjacent walls are of different colors. This technique can be used to create the sense of movement in smaller rooms such as bedroom or study room.

  1. Use Chair Rail

Using chair rail is a great way to split colors horizontally in a room. Paint the lower portion of the wall with darker color and top of the wall with neutral color. This practice work best in kitchen or dining room.

  1. Color washing

Color washing again refers to two colors. It is used to achieve a soft and textured appearance. The first step is deciding on the basic color (preferably a light one) and applying paint in the usual way.

Once it is completely dry, take the second color you’ve chosen, and mix it with glaze to create the so called color wash. Cover the wall with the color wash. Take a cloth, a sponge and your imagination. Start wiping in circular motion, or use a brush for a crisscross texture.

  1. Paint the Ceiling with color other than White

There are three options for color choices on ceiling:

  1. Paint the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall color. It is good for shorter room since it tends to heighten a room.
  2. Paint the ceiling a darker shade of the wall color. This technique is best for tall rooms since it visually lowers the ceiling.
  3. Paint the ceiling a different color or coordinating color making the ceiling a focal point.
  1. Blurry transition

You can go for a blurry transition between the two colors in order to make them look softer. This technique looks the best when using two contrasting shades of the same color.

      8. Think about the Rest of Space

Two-toned walls are a heavy solution. Therefore, you have to think of ways to adjust the rest of decor. Assuming you’re really inspired by your wall palette, you can use the same colors for furniture and accessories, picking a dominant one which will appear more often than the others.

Tone Tone Wall Pictures

Two tone walls; love the bold on bottom and white on top

Two tone wall with mountain top detail - blush pink and blue gray

I like the two tone walls I think that is a great idea for a small space

Two tone purple bedroom walls

Addiction purple, sharply contrasted against Grey Putty to create a beautiful two-tone wall

Two- toned kitchen with grey lower cabinets and white shiplap hood and white open shelves

LOVE the cottage feel of this kitchen

Pantone color of the year

The perfect adult woman's apartment

Two tone walls Zoffany paint & paper

Amazing Kids Rooms with Two Tone Walls

This is exactly what I want

i like the two tone wall... not brown though

By following the ideas laid out in this article, you can create eye-catching two-toned walls in any room in your home. Pair these designs alongside monochrome rooms and make your interior really pop

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